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Five Tips for Equine Hydration and Water Management

Five Tips for Equine Hydration and Water Management

How can you get your horse to drink more and stay hydrated this summer?


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equine digestive tract

Garlic Supplementation for Gastric Ulcers in Horses

Recently, Egyptian researchers reported that garlic—an herb with a long and illustrious history in non-Western medicine—has gastroprotective effects and could potentially be used to help manage horses with gastric ulcers.

KER Research

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How Does Dietary Rice Bran Affect Glycemic Response in Horses?

The objective of this study was twofold: to measure the starch content of rice bran, whole oats, and corn, and to determine the glycemic response to a meal of rice bran in Thoroughbred horses.


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sweaty horse being hosed off

Anhidrosis in Horses May Have Genetic Component

Experts at the Brooks Equine Genetics Lab at the University of Florida are currently looking for a genetic link in horses affected by anhidrosis.

General Interest

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horse with grazing muzzle

Grazing Muzzles on Pastured Horses Help Control Weight Gain

Although beneficial in many ways, putting horses on 24-hour turnout, which occurs in many parts of the world, is a double-edged sword, according to one research group*.