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Helping the Senior Horse Eat More

Helping the Senior Horse Eat More

Making sure your horse’s nutritional needs are met doesn’t end once you start feeding senior feed. Here are tips if your horse is still not finishing meals, losing weight or you see a decline in body condition.


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beet pulp shreds

Consider Soluble Fiber for Exercising Horses

Recent research suggests that soluble fiber provides adequate energy for exercising horses and could be a healthy alternative for horses at risk for colic.

KER Research

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oats and glycemic response

How Do Different Diets Affect Glycemic Response in Horses?

The purpose of this experiment was to determine glycemic response in horses fed six different feeds at three different levels of intake.


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young horse in field

Cleft Palate in Horses

Though cleft palate, or palatoschisis, is relatively rare in horses, the congenital defect ranks as the most common craniofacial abnormality.

General Interest

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horse eating hay on winter pasture

Balancing Warmth and Weight Gain in Easy Keepers

For many horses, the defense against cold is simple: free-choice access to good-quality forage. Is this the best tack for all horses, though, even easy keepers?